Think about "Seinfeld" and how it ran for 9 terrific seasons without a plot. Think about "Curb your Enthusiasm" and how it made fictionalized versions of their own lives. Think about "Boy Meets World" and its sense of truth. Think about "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "The Big Bang Theory", and "Community", and consider how they have a group of characters with diverse personalities and make viewers laugh. I want you to think about all of that and imagine this web series. "Warren" is a web series about an average college student named Warren, who experiences all the random moments that life has to offer. Each episode brings a different moment for him. It can be anything from talking with someone at a bus stop to talking with someone over the phone, from watching a football game to watching a terrible film, from playing free throws against a girl to playing a bowling match against a rival team. He'll live these moments with 4 of his closest pals: Matt, Jon, Nate, and Nicole.